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Meet Jody Butler, LCSW

About Me

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with a Masters Degree from UT-Knoxville. My journey to become a counselor began through healing in my own life. Many people believed in me and gave me the courage to become who I am today. I can provide guidance and support to you, as well.  I truly believe we can heal from our wounds and live happy lives.


I use various modalities such as EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing), AAIT™ (Acceptance and Integration Training), and a group experience utilizing AcuDetox. I also have extensive training and certification in the following:

  • Tennessee Licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor (LADAC)

  • National Certification as a Masters Addictions Counselor

  • Certified Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP)

  • Certified AAIT™ Practitioner

  • Qualified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP)

  • Certified AcuDetox Practitioner

  • Level two EMDR counselor


At my office, you’ll find a safe and caring environment that lends itself to meeting your unique counseling goals. I’d love to help you improve your life and find the right healing techniques that work best for you and your journey. 

Meet Jody
Why Naturopathy

What We Can Do Together

I can help guide you through various life challenges to

Tropical Leaves

Address Trauma

Reduce Cravings

Reduce Pain

Address Problems Related to Alcohol or Drug Use

Manage Anger

Increase Energy

Address Depression

Increase Sleep

Reduce Anxiety


My anger and frustration are lessened. I’m smoking less, and my headaches have gone from daily to not having any since I began Acudetox.

— Heather G.


Awards and Recognition

In 2013, I received “Counselor of the Year” for East Tennessee by the East Tennessee Association of Drug and Alchol Abuse Counselors (ETADAAC).

I was also awarded “Counselor of the Year” for the State of Tennessee by the Tennessee Association of Drug and Alchol Abuse Counselors (TADAAC).

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